Groove & Glitter

Step into the dazzling world of “Groove & Glitter,” a one-of-a-kind live entertainment extravaganza that’s set to take Brighton by storm!

SHOW DATES: Weds 6th Dec 2023
WHERE: Ironworks Studios, 30 Cheapside, Brighton BN1 4GD

Ticket price: £20 (plus booking fee)

DOORS:  7.00pm   SHOW: 8.00pm

Age limit: 14+ (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

This unforgettable night will transport you to the heart of a glittering cabaret, combining the spirit of Moulin Rouge, the electrifying energy of Footloose, and the grandeur of The Greatest Showman, all wrapped up in a sensational Silent Disco experience.

🎶 The Live Band:
Get ready to move and groove to the pulsating rhythms of our sensational live band, who will set the stage on fire with a mix of original songs, and iconic throwback tracks. Their music will be the heartbeat of the night, creating the perfect atmosphere for you to dance the night away.

💃Showdance Experience Extravaganza:
“Groove & Glitter” will feature show-stopping dance numbers inspired by the iconic films Moulin Rouge, Footloose, and The Greatest Showman. Evoking the sultry allure of Parisian cabarets, the rebellious spirit of small-town America, and the spectacular circus magic of P.T. Barnum’s world.


  • 🌟 Silent Disco Spectacle:
    Experience an extraordinary twist as you put on your wireless headphones and enter the world of our Silent Disco. You’ll be able to choose from different channels, each playing a unique mix of music, allowing you to dance to your own beat while still being part of the collective energy of the crowd. It’s a spectacle like no other, where the entire room becomes a vibrant dance floor, and the night comes alive with a variety of tunes to suit your mood.🎉 The Venue – Ironworks Studios:
    Set in the heart of Brighton, the flamboyant Ironworks Studios provide the perfect backdrop for a night of glitz and glamour. With its industrial-chic aesthetic and alluring ambiance, it’s the ideal setting for a night of entertainment that’s larger than life. The Studios will be transformed into a world of extravagance, and you’ll be immersed in an unforgettable atmosphere that will leave you enchanted.Join us on December 6th for a night of passion, flair, and excitement. “Groove & Glitter” at Ironworks Studios promises to be an evening you won’t want to miss. It’s your chance to be part of a sensational celebration that brings together the magic of cinema, the thrill of dance, and the joy of music, all under one dazzling roof. Get ready to be swept off your feet and leave with memories that will last a lifetime!


6th December: Groove & Glitter 2