A Work-In-Progress theatre production

SHOW DATES: 27th May
WHERE: Ironworks Studios, 30 Cheapside, Brighton BN1 4GD

DOORS: 4.00pm

SHOW: 5.00pm

A Work-In-Progress theatre production, ‘VICTIM’ is a compelling and emotionally charged one-man show that invites the audience into the world of Jason, a young man whose life takes a harrowing turn after he falls victim to a group of men during his pursuit of college education. This poignant and thought-provoking experimental piece explores the depths of Human resilience and the enduring spirit of those who experienced such trauma. The play delves into Jason’s journey as he confronts a myriad of complex issues in the wake of the assault. His struggles with identity crisis, sexuality and the impact of this traumatic event on his approach to life forms the core narratives of ‘VICTIM’.

An excerpt from the production will be followed by an after show discussion


27th May- Victim (PACE+ Work In Progress) 2